Did you know that anyone can make their own website? And I’m not talking about having to study HTML or create your own server or even pay thousands of dollars to have someone set it up for you. I’m talking about just 10 minutes! In this guide, we’ll show you How to make a website using WordPress —the most popular blogging platform—in just 10 minutes!

So,let’s get started. We have 4 quick and easy steps to follow.

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Choosing your hosting provider
  3. Installing wordpress
  4. Customize your theme and install plugins

Step 1 – Get a domain name

Domain is simply your website address say : learnopool.com


Decide on a name for your website. This is not always an easy choice, and you might have to try several different options before finding one that suits you.

Domain extensions

There are many domain extensions like .com , .in , .co , .site .website , .xyz ……

we recommend you to buy a .com , as it is the most popular and suits well for all types of bussiness .

We recommend you to buy your domain at ambitionhost.in as the domains are available at very cheap prices

Checking availability
Checking availability

Check the availability of your domain and then proceed to checkout

Enter promocode

Don’t forget to use a special coupon ” 2022COM ” to get an extra discount of * Rs.150 * on a .com domain

purchasing domain

Choose your suitable payment type and there you go!

Step 2 – Choose a host

Hosting is the place where your websites files be stored. So , hosting plays an important role in your websites performance and speed , hence buying good quality hosting is must.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you to buy hosting at hostinger. Here are few reasons why you should choose hostinger

  • Excellent performance and speed
  • Cheap cost
  • 24/7 Live chat support(very friendly )
  • ☆hpanel: The best in the business
Excellent features

Choose your plan now at hostinger.in


Step 3 – Install wordpress

  1. Login into your hosting account and at the top menu select Hosting. Then click Manage next to the domain:

2. Enter the installation details

Step 4 – Customize your theme and add plugins

Now it’s time for you to develop your site

Checkout how to install a new theme and customise it from our easy to follow tutorial by clicking here

Learn the must do things after installation your wordpress by clicking here.

Find out how to add ssl certificate by clicking here.

Read how to protect your website from here

You were looking to create a logo then click here

And for many more informative tutorials, tips and guides , visit our blog

Hope so this tutorial How to Make a WordPress Website in Just 10 Minutes! Is useful

Thank you @teamlearnopool

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