How to get free ssl to your wordpress

Learn the easiest way to get free ssl certificate for your wordpress

Does your website displays a “Not secure” symbol just like this?

Not secure

If you are looking to protect your website with an ssl , then this tutorial is for you

Secured and safe

If you dont have a wordpress site yet, you can make one watching this How to start a blog

If you are trying to make a website for free , then have a look at this How to create is website for free

So right then, now let’s see how you can get an ssl for free in just 4 simple steps

  1. Create an account in Clodflare
  2. Add you website to Cloudfare
  3. Change your Nameservers
  4. Install Cloudflare plugin in wordpress

We have split this guide into few more steps for easy understanding


To create an account in Cloudflare, click on this link

Click on sign up and then enter details to sign up

Enter details


Enter your website’s address here and then it will take you to this page, simple click continue

Now choose the free plan and then click on continue

Choose plan


Now you need to update your nameservers to the ones which are provided by nameservers

To do that, Copy the nameservers which are provided by Cloudflare

Copy nameservers

To change your Nameservers, go to your DNS Management (from where you purchased your domain)

Changing Nameservers

After you change your nameservers, you need to verify that


Now, refesh the page .Usually it takes less than 5-15 min to point the servers to cloudflare.

After refreshing you will get a message like this. If you dont get this message , dont worry everything will be set right by the next step.


To install Clodflare plugin in wordpress, follow this procedure

1)Go to your wordpress dashboard and and go to plugins

Now click on add new and then search for “flexible ssl” and install it

Installing plugin

Now, you need to activate this plugin

Activating plugin

After the activation of plugin , your site will be connected to cloudflare.To check that , go back to cloudflare and verify that.

Now go to cloudflare and click on SSL/TLS, then select edge certificate

You need to make sure that your site always uses https

Activate your free ssl

So, this is how you can install an ssl certificate for free in your wordpress.

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